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A new interstate for the Mid-West...

Posted by Bill on December, 2015

As we add updates from the summer of travels, RMS&W will be adding info and pages on the new interstate in Wisconsin and Illinois. This includes updating pages on the shifting of U.S. 41 in the Greater Milwaukee area.

New Updates on the Horizon...

Posted by Bill on July, 2015

Many, many new updates are coming. Look for new updates and pages from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, and Iowa.

2014 Year in Review...

Posted by Bill on January, 2015

2014 is a year of staying in the heart of the Midwest. Updates have come from Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Still to come in the early part of 2015 are updates from taken in late 2014 from Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Michigan.

2013 Year in Review...

Posted by Bill on January, 2014

With the rise and fall, then rise, and rise, and rise in fuel prices. RMS&W stayed close to our home base in the Chicagoland area. We did see updates from Illinois, and Missouri. The last of the 2013 trips and updates will be loaded soon. Be on the look out for updates to Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin!

2012 Year in Review...

Posted by Bill on January, 2013

This was one of our biggest years since we launched the website in 2001. This year Roads of the Mid-South and West left our normal ares of the Mid-South and Mid-West parts of the country and expanded into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. We launched pages in New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Also, content was added to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. Content still in the wings, include from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. See you through out 2013!

More to come...

Posted by Bill on October, 2012

More photos coming from the States of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri. This includes rare finds in Michigan.

Massive Load of New Content Coming!

Posted by Bill on August, 2012

In seven days the Bill Burmaster Family of Websites roamed around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the United States. Coming soon, as time permits, watch for updates and new states! This road trip took us to Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington D.C.!

2011 in Review

Posted by Bill on January, 2012

It was a busy year for the member websites. There have been many new pages, and addtions to existiing pages. Over this past year we have seen content added from Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. The remaining 2011 updates will be up soon. Be sure to follow the Updates page for what we have most recently updated. 2012 looks to be a year for big expansion on RMS&W, and the other member websites. Thank you to all who send in pictures and help make all member websites, including RMS&W, cover a vast area of the middle part of the United States.

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